Here are a few of the comments we've received about System80.

Briarlake Elementary & System80, in an integrated school/home program, taught our triplets how to read!
We love it! And more importantly, so do our little people!!!!

Havely & Jeff Gartzman, Atlanta, GA

System80 is GREAT! The additional access to online lessons is a fantastic link between the classroom and home.

Mary Jenks, Ed. S.
Briarlake Elementary School, Decatur, GA

Congratulations on your Desirable Rating. We know that California educators appreciate the high quality of your programs.

Sincerely, Brian Bridges
Evaluation Project Coordinator

As a first grade teacher, I love the System80 Online lessons. They give me a chance to provide students with guided practice while freeing me to teach. The children love System80! They can't wait for their turn on the computer.

Becky Reid
1st grade teacher, Farley Elementary School, Paducah KY


The System80 animation and colorful graphics have fascinated our developmentally delayed students. Several of them have been able to work through the currently available programs independently, which provides more interaction with their regular education friends and is very gratifying to observe.

Alice Gaub
Edgewood Academy, LaPuente, CA.


I used your System80 for the first time yesterday with Kindergarten students and I was very impressed with it. The students seemed to enjoy it and could do the program with a minimum of teacher direction.

I was thrilled that many of the vocabulary words are also our Kindergarten's vocabulary words. I will present this program to our supervisor and see what happens.

Darlene Yancy
Sikeston Public Schools, Sikeston, Missouri


I love the program, and it will support the Sing, Spell, Read, Write Phonics Program our Kindergarten and 1st grade are currently using. Excellent! We love it!

Tiffany Kennemore
GT teacher, Gosnell Elementary, Gosnell Arizona


My children really liked System80. Better still, I like it.

In fact, I have asked our Special Education Supervisor to purchase the entire set to use with the students who are learning disabled in reading.

I feel System80 would help my kindergarteners, as well as those students who have problems. Thanks for sending it so promptly. It may be a while before we can order the two sets, but hopefully not long.

Karen Ramsey
Forge Ridge Consolidated School, Harrogate, TN


My trial program was too easy for my students, so I sent it to a special education resource room. They really enjoy it.

Linda Christensen
Grade 2, Fullerton Magnet, Omaha


My kids loved the sample " b" disk you sent me... please send more info..... I love how the system80 directs the students through different programs according to the level of mastery.

Patti Roll, Teacher
LaMesa Elementary School, Plainview, Texas


System80 was a hit in my class. Even though it was geared for K-1st grade, I have some really low kids that can use it.

Thanks so much,
Leslie Cornell, Teacher
Evart Elementary School, Evart, Michigan


Hi! I really enjoyed the System80 CD. It worked very well with my kindergarten children. They all wanted a turn at it! I can see this working well in my class as an assessment tool. It will be great for those who do better on a mouse than with pencil.

Kerry White
Ridgeway Elementary School, Lakehurst NJ


I loved it and my kids in the classroom did too. It was very colorful and the characters were just too cute!

Tammie Patterson
South Side Elementary, Reagan, TN


System80 was great. Interest level was high with all my kindergartners. They loved the animated characters. I liked the promotion of letters and the sounds the letters make. I wish the lessons would have focused on more than one letter.

I thought so highly of System80 I let another kinder teacher borrow it.

Melissa Wehner
Ritenour Early Childhood Center, St. Ann, MO


Just writing about System80. It has gone over very well in the class. The students love it and the only trouble I have had is getting the students off of the computer.

I like the repetition of System80. The students don't see the object or picture once and never see it again. The characters were very cute, but not disruptive. The students were able to pay attention whether the character was talking or moving, because it was not too much movement. I also like the fact that the characters talk and the words are also up on the screen, e.g. Find the word that starts with 'b' ...butterfly/nurse.

Amy Sevier
Hardy Elementary School, San Diego, CA


I think your Online lessons are a great addition for further learning. Unfortunately, our school does not have online access at this time. However, I am anxious to pass this information to my parents for their children to benefit from it at home. Thanks for the updates and the hard work you are doing to better education.

Robin Kuball
Faribault Lutheran, Faribault, MN


System80 was given to another teacher before I finally tracked it down. My children had a ball with it. They didn't want to get off the computer and they begged to go back. It is amazing how much fun the children are having while they are learning some basic lessons.

Thanks again,
Lynn Tomich
Saint John Lutheran, Ocala, FL